Crystal Deodorant (F the particular AO Mewington)


Can I lick it?

Yes you can


A woman at work gave me one and told me to rub it on my feet too. I didn’t feel like it did anything?

I prefer a scented rock.
BUT it just goes to show that deodorant IS BULLSHIT AND A SCAM. Your body adjusts without it. The more you use it, the more sweat your body produces to make you buy it! WAKE UP SHEEPLE


My friend got me a salt rock lamp.

I’ve licked it more than once.






Seems like the magic crystal doesn’t stop you sweating, just makes your pits inhospitable to the bacteria that make the smells.


Does it? I dunno
I just can’t see how rubbing a dry rock on my pits will do anything
a slightly wet rock, maybe


It would need a bit of surface moisture to get going.


What’s a scented rock?? I thought that WAS crystal. I use the salt of the earth one…


Don’t lick the lamp, man.


It’s just a rock though!
It’s actual salt.
Running out of salt? Take some from the lamp!



It’s like a dusty rock. It’s not an actual rock but its just dust made up into a rock shape.


Spanish Dad’s Army is very confusing.


Never did him any harm


This is true I don’t wear deodorant and I feel better for it, your body is made to sweat don’t stop it!
(obviously some people have medical problem so in those case I can understand it)


You are supposed to dampen your pits or the end of the rock first. But dry off the rock afterwards to stop it from dissolving.


I don’t know what’s happening




I just ate some rather tangy nuts. would such crystals have influenced my enjoyment in anyway?