Anyone here enjoy letting their S/O get railed by other people while they watch?

Seems to be surprisingly popular on adult websites.


It’s good for a couple to embrace various forms of serial pleasure and explore their seriality, tbh


Chill out, saps




You watch saps?


is this your second attempt at this thread?

  • What is this fuckery?
  • I know what this is all about and I’m a fucktrumpet.

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Leave saps out of it


I would like to hear more about this trumpet


Once walked in on Warren from the accounts department absolutely ploughing Jean at the work Christmas do. I’d warned her to stay off the Baileys but…well, it’d been a tough year - her son had moved to Bali and the credit crunch was taking its toll on us all. She wasn’t my partner, obviously. In fact we’d rarely been intimate at all, but she was my P.A at the end of the day, so i wasn’t completely happy. It certainly wasn’t sexy. Warren and the company went their seperate ways shortly afterwards, but that was absolutely unrelated. Work parties since have been strictly sitdown meals.


the alt-right seem to be obsessed with it


Nah, I did one about face sitting on the old boards if we’re talking #generalfilth but this is new




you’re clearly not versed in Shakespeare’s tongue


can’t cuck
won’t cuck


Yeah, apparently because both Hillary and Sanders were cheated on by their other halves. That’s American right-wingers for you…


i didn’t know that was a factor. i thought they just considered being nice to women and minorities as being as just as “weak” and emasculating for a man as enjoying your wife fucking someone else. as ever there’s a lot of projection involved in reducing absolutely everything to a sexual metaphor.


Probably it’s just become a ‘thing’, but I was told this is the origin of Trump supporters using the term ‘cuck’ to disparage their opposition.

Personally, I just think it sounds like you’re lame to swear properly.


At last. A thread I can sit on the sofa and watch my partner getting fucked by.


All the ones that hired me were rich right wing bankers tbh