Cucumber seeds

Do you remove them before you eat a cucumber?

(assuming that you eat cucumber)

I do not.


Only for certain recipes.

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Please could you list the recipes (at your convenience of course)?

nor do I, but it came to my attention once that some people prefer to do so

Ok - can’t remember what they are off the top of my head, but everytime I de-seed a cucumber from now on I’ll make sure to remember this thread!


Quite often squeeze all the juice out of cucumber too (then discard it). Want to know more about this?

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Aren’t cucumbers seedless by now?

White dog poo.

This is fascinating.

basically, I fucking hate cucumbers and will fuck them up in every way I can think of

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(also, I make raita and dips like that a fair bit)

What did cucumbers ever do to you?? Maniac.

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Our home-grown ones have seeds in them.

I eat them.

just a big ol’ container of stagnant water, innit?

Fuck off.

@marckee Don’t come in here and talk about homegrown cucumbers.

if I ever saw anyone removing seeds from a cucumber, I would step away from them immediately


ITT people willing to take the risk of cucumbers taking root in their intestines.

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It’s the second most satisfying use of a teaspoon tbf

obviously, peeling ginger is #1

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for tatziki, of course