Cucumber seeds

On the rare occasion I’m slicing cukes for a sandwich, I wouldn’t bother. If I’m cutting them for a salad though, yes. The little crescents are much more appealing than a full disc or half circle.

Why would you? Is it due to moisture?

where’s the poll, foppy?

Really struggling to understand the need to remove the seeds. Like, I don’t think I even notice them. Why fanny about removing them?

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Sometimes I do.
Sometimes I don’t.

I do find scraping them out with a teaspoon very satisfying,.

Poll by popular demand:

Do you remove them before you eat a cucumber?

  • Yes
  • Washed and ready to eat! (no)
  • Depends option

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Needs a ‘depends’ option

Right here

I have added a third nuanced option for this unlikely scenario

thank you. can i just shock you though? i have never removed a cucumber seed.

Thank you


This is the closest thing I can find to a shocked emoji

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why would you remove them?

have never seen a cucumber with seeds in


  • Refreshing and tasty
  • Meh
  • Actively dislike

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you can replace seeds for something along the lines of “bit that runs down the middle of the cucumber”

why would you remove that?

The reason that I was given was to do with the texture I think

Now you have.

Dislike of texture I think.