Cucumber seeds

oh yeah, never really thought of those as being seeds, just taste like part of the flesh

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People complain that cucumbers are watery, but that issue goes away if you scoop out the middle.


  • It’s a fruit
  • It’s technically a fruit
  • It’s clearly a vegetable, and no amount of ‘evidence’ is going to convince me otherwise

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just remembering the 'mare i had the first time i tried to eat a passion fruit and didn’t realise you could eat the seeds


i think it tastes like a boring puritan melon (which is quite nice by vegetable standards)

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oh ffs why is this private?

it’s clearly a vegetable btw

(even though it’s a fruit)

passion fruit, total misnomer

maybe not total

I do if I am chopping them up to put in crispy duck + pancakes. Also salads, only if they are going to be sat around a while so they don’t go soggy.

If that helps at all.

This helps. Do you not like the texture of them either?

Passion vegetable. Different thing entirely.

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Cucumber seed removers:

  • Wrong 'uns
  • Reasonable humans with exacting culinary standards

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I add extra cucumber seeds to my cucumbers.


maybe not total


I like them actually, I remove the seeds then eat them in long juicy slivers.

I just find in other things they go a bit mushy.

Ban request?

  • Aye, thin end of the wedge, stop him here.
  • No, I’ve allowed all those other stupid shortenings you losers go with so what’s one more?

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there is no much I won’t eat, but cucumbers are THE fucking worst

Bloody love a cucumber but anyone who’s studied one enough to identify they have seeds at all really need a more fulfilling set of past times.