Culinary Doctors

Karg - Great
Oetker - Good
Pepper - No thanks

Any more?

Gillian McKeith - fuck off


This can be the banal thread and the Dr. Karg appreciation thread, if you want

Had a Dr Oetker (or Dr Urquhart as the father-in-law calls it) pizzer for the first time in years last week. Not that bad for a quid or two’s worth of frozen pizza really, are they?


Dr Ipping (Beef) - Dunno


Weetos - shit. Chucking on a lab coat doesn’t make you a doctor, pal.*

*@Epimer - please confirm.

A rarity in the frozen pizza world in that their Margherita is comfortably their best.

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Those are all good you fucking idiot! (Karg is the best, please remember that Oetker has much more in his locker than just pizza, and Pepper is excellent).

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dr scholls
dr papa john

the best frozen pizzas money can buy

I once was seeing a girl who asked if she could borrow my lab coat so she could dress up as Professor Frink for Halloween. The thought was strangely arousing.

That’s all I’ve got.

Generic is ok too

never a truer word said on DiS :slight_smile:

dr uncle ben

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Best Dr. Karg

  • 3-Seed
  • 5-Grain
  • Emmental & Pumpkin seed
  • Tomato & Mozzarella
  • Cranberry & Coconut
  • Carrot & Quark

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never heard of this


You fucking what?

They’re like ryvitas but for people with tastebuds

We always have a couple of ‘Emergency Pizzas’ in - for those times when we get back from work and can’t be fucked to cook owt (and have already had a takeaway that week or whatevs).

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googled it: nope