Culinary Doctors

don’t eat any of that shit

colonel sanders
cap’n crunch

obviously. which is why you should get some fucking Dr. Karg in

I don’t believe Dr. Scholl makes any products suitable for human consumption

i had never heard of dr karg till i read this thread

think i’ll just eat some crisps thanks

State of this place.


Dr Ambuie - 40%


another vote for Dr. Karg R.D.

They are a cracker equivalent rather than a crisp. If you don’t eat cheese and crackers then yeah, Karg won’t improve your life

the only biscuit you need for cheese is scottish oat cakes

over and out

always had an emergency dr oetker mozzarella in the freezer, but not had a freezer since i moved into my new place.
freezers - over rated

*Victoria Sponge

Variety is the spice of life nicola, but I hope you enjoy your cheddar and oatcakes on a human face forever

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is this a coren mitchell reference?!

It is now.

“999 what’s your emergency?”
“my wife is dying”
“stay calm. go to your freezer.”

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came here to post Dr Harold Shipmans meat and fish paste, turns out it’s actually Shippams

^shippams in the post

Come on, Xylo, stop eating the shit version of Dr. Karg. You deserve better