Culinary inventions / work in progress

Tempted to replace baked beans on a fry up with refried beans. Any views?

What else are you tempted to try out?

consistency would be wayyyyy too thick and stodgy with the toast and sausage.


Baked potato full of chips


Chips with a mashed potato dipping sauce

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I put honey on an omelette. It’s really good, sounds gross. Haven’t found any other recipe on all of Google except for a mention that the Egyptians used to do it.

Last year I made a birthday cake out of potato cakes and crisps for my potato obsessed friend.


Anything else different about the omelette?

Poached egg in soup



Yeah you might need something else providing moisture. Back to the drawing board

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Early draft of RAF logo needed work etc…

It’s not a plain omelette if that’s what you mean. Green beans I think and maybe feta but I can’t remember.


I must make my breakfast pie again, filled with beans, sausage, bacon and black pudding and with a fried egg instead of a pie lid:


What kind of pastry is that?

Shortcrust, put into a pie tin and blind baked.

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Outstanding. A thing of beauty


When I made it it seemed so simple, so obvious. It was every bit as good as it sounds on paper.

I’ve been making cheat ready meals. Something stodgy you can bung in the micro and it feels like a treat but it’s really healthy.

Just had root veg mash and tinned tuna, which might sound rank, but it’s somehow really nice. Cold tuna, obviously, warm tuna’s rank.

Just me then…

Can you make one for me too?

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I am not a culinary inventor but when I was a kid I came up with what I called a ‘cake pie’ that was a pie crust with jam on filled with sponge, preferably almond flavoured. I got all excited and was going to make it as a school cooking project where you had to make up a dish, and then remembered that bakewell tarts already existed. Haven’t invented since.


That sounds rad!

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I’d eat this.