Culinary Lies


Anything food related.

The obvious one’s when some relentless tiresome prick says ‘Have a cup of tea, it’ll cool you down’. Nob. You are just a nob.

My favourite’s when people get a bit of eggshell in their eggs and insist using another bit of the eggshell’s the best way to scoop it fucking out. Boring bastards. Hand straight in. Failing that a spoon’s always, always quicker.

Another one’s people saying microwaving food kills its nutrients. Where are they getting this shit from?



That you need to be drinking eight gallons of water a day or whatever the current lie is.

I’m muting the thread now, bye.


I’ve never accepted hot drinks cool you down, surely it is only activating people’s cooling mechanisms by making them too hot in the first place


“Serves four”


How long it takes to caramelise onions:


Make something with love. Not possible.
Make something homemade not in a home. Not possible.


I try to drink 2-3 pints per day. It doesn’t have any impact on on your skin, though, that’s a myth.

Nobody eats five pieces of fruit or veg a day, not even yoga/cordorouy trousers people.


sourdough bread doesn’t taste better than regular bread



i’m willing to bite on this


Literally just had 5 grapes


no-one enjoys those beetroot and lettuce smoothies.


The seeds in a chilli aren’t really hot so don’t worry about it.


All that whirlpool/vinegar bollocks for poachies.


I forgot the big one. Home cooking’s cheaper than just buying stuff. Bollocks.


Stirring something halfway through cooking in the microwave


Depends whether you grow your own pine nuts or not


Who buys pine nuts anyway


its one or the other



Letting a Guinness… settle, just wasting time and it tastes exactly the same


This is a good one

see also - How long it takes to cook risotto - “stir and ladle in stock for 20 minutes” BULLSHIT!!!