Culinary Lies


90% of that coffee thread I would imagine.


Yeah, it’s more like 23


That bollocks about tea containing more caffeine than coffee.


also dried beans take about 20X longer to become edible than the instructions say


Completely agree I can drink several pints of tea in the morning and still fall asleep on a clothes line, but one coffee and I am wide awake


The one that goes ‘if you’re hungry, have a glass of water, sometimes your body confuses hunger with thirst and you don’t actually need food.’



Contains more by dry weight, but a cup of tea has less caffeine than a cup of coffee.

You’re welcome.


“Use by” Nope. If it smells OK and looks OK I’m having it regardless of date.


18 mins is the correct answer, obviously.


Alright Al Dente


That Huel is food.


Post/username etc


Fizzy drinks make you more thirsty…


Saw a guy in a Huel™ t-shirt in the airport yesterday. Where people could see him and everything.


culinary lies, culinary sweet little lies


there’s a guy I work with who seems to have made Huel a central part of his personality, it’s really weird


Yeah that’s definitely true.


always took about 40 minutes to get an edible one for me

I can’t be bothered to cook it anymore - no one actually likes it that much do they


I like it when you have a recipe and it says it takes like 30 mins or something, and the first bit if the instructions says something like - ‘take your chicken that you’ve had marinating for the past week’ or ‘take your roasted vegatabkrs (you have already roasted your veg yeah?)’ and I’m like - fuck off mate - I’ve budgeted half an hour for this feast! Dickheads


Not to mention the word Huel sounds gross… reminds me of throwing up from drinking too much when I was a teenager