Culinary Snobbery Poll Thread: Acceptable / Unacceptable Short Cuts


Ready- mashed potato

  • Acceptable
  • Unacceptable

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Carrot sticks

  • Acceptable
  • Unacceptable

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It tastes fine, and if you’re in a rush then go for it. But it’s not as nice and is much more expensive than home making


Buying, peeling, boiling and mashing potatoes is a fucking mugs game. Every aspect of it. That said, I’ve never purchased ready-mashed mashed potato before…


don’t eat enough butter or milk to justify ever buying it just to make mash, so its ready mash 4 life.


Both of these are things that anyone sensible would avoid because of cost rather than snobbery imo


Boil-in-the-bag rice

  • Acceptable
  • Unacceptable

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boiled potatoes are better anyway.


Was going to windmill in with “everything’s fine, stop judging people ffs” but then this example came up. Inexcusable.


Quick-cook pasta

  • Acceptable
  • Unacceptable

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Rice shortcut

  • Boil in the bag
  • microwave packet of uncy ben’s (or own brand equivalent)

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Christ, the state of this


Curry made with store bought sauce in a jar

  • Rogan Josh
  • Rogan jog on

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wtaf is “quick cook” pasta?


There’s no point engaging with him, the lad’s ideal meal is a couple of peeled, lightly salted boiled potatoes and a can of Stella.


It’s slightly thinner so cooks in 8 minutes instead of 10. I know.


  • Yep
  • Nah

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me and @aggpass have basically identical food opinions it seems


bagged salad

  • yes
  • no

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