Culling albums from your music collection

Is this something anyone else does? I often find this hard because I get sentimentally attached to albums, but a lot of the time I realise I don’t actually like many of them, and barely ever play them. When I have too much music saved*, I end up listening to nothing, or taking forever to get round to listening to something properly.

*I’m talking about Spotify playlists in my case, where I’ll have a whole artist’s discography, or just ‘the good albums’ (which is still a lot) saved to a playlist.

I’m finding life’s too short to have absolutely everything at your convenience. When your music collection essentially becomes a music library it loses character. There’s something endearing and cosy about having your own smaller collection of albums that you’ve actually heard properly, developed a relationship with and would play again. For example I have about ten Rolling Stones albums saved, but there’s only about 3 that I like and would be interested in playing again at any given point.

Potentially a weird thread, but basically I’ve wasted a LOT of time ‘collecting’ (saving) music, never actually got round listening to most of it and ended up miserable. Less is more.


always consider selling a handful of CDs that i don’t really like anymore, though i never get round to it.

if you’re talking about just deleting albums from a Spotify playlist then i don’t think that’s a very big step tbh

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Physical or virtual collection.

I have about 10 actual CDs. My music collection is essentially my virtual collection of saved stuff, though it might be a stretch to call it a collection.

I don’t have Spotify, but surely if you don’t want to listen to something you can just delete it from the playlist and if you want to listen to it another day then just add it again? It’s not like you’re permanently blocking the album, just moving it an extra two clicks away.


I used to run a really tight ship and regularly culled my collection on eBay back when CDs held their value. Can’t recall anything I got shot of that i now regret.

Stopped culling when the value of CDs fell through the floor. consequently my collection is pretty ludicrously big and should probably start moving some on again. I think there has been a slight upturn in the price of 2nd hand CDs, but it is marginal.

At the risk of sounding like That Guy, this is the main thing I get out of my vinyl collection. With the exception of some of my Dad’s hand-me-downs, or a handful of albums I’ve bought in order to support specific artists, every record I own is an album I really like. When I’m out and about it’s nice to be able to call up almost anything ever recorded, but I agree that there’s a real value to a curated collection of favourites.


I wouldn’t call removing something from a playlist “culling”. I listen to a lot on Spotify, but the only playlists I have are ones I have generated for the benefit of other people, as in the “Playlist of your favourite band” thread.

I think different people understand different meanings of the word “collection”.

I occasionally give away a record I don’t play anymore to a friend I think will appreciate. Gave away the first Faust LP recently, have given away more in the past.

Sounds like rampant consumption of digital music has cheapened your experience here. Less IS more, that’s true.


Sorry but I can’t imagine ever thinking of deleting something from spotify as culling my collection. I’m really bad at culling my physical collection though that’s for sure. Just sold a Peter Broderick 7" and gave away a Various Productions 7", but bought a Pianos Become The Teeth LP which pretty much sums up how i cull!

I think its a generation thing though, as it was impossible for me to collect/save too much music when i was young as i just couldn’t afford it and i could keep up with the number of tapes i copied whereas if i were younger now i’d probably just download loads of shit - like 10 rolling stones albums :wink:

This. Can be very satisfying - especially if they hate it!

I’ve given a few CDs to charity when I’ve had a “what was I thinking when I bought that” moment.

I also have a few vinyl records I should get rid of - but they are mainly ones I got from a mate and are in terrible condition (fuck knows what he did with them).

I have given away a few CDs when I have the album in question on vinyl, and have already ripped the CD for a digital copy, Kind of regret those now though as I’m listening to more and more CDs in the car these days

I absolutely cull nothing. I keep EVERYTHING! I know I should not, but I love a nostalgic trip back down the years. I mainly use Spotify these days and buy very few CDS. I love Spotify because I can create any number of playlists - ad infinitum!!!
At the end of the year, I just put everything under the year name and then start again. I’ve been doing that since 2009.
I love going back into a specific year and looking up what I was listening to etc.

I’ve been going through the process over the last year. I finally sent a few boxes of CDs to Music Magpie, and I’ve been working through a shit-ton of mp3s, deleting anything I can’t be arsed with anymore. I’m guilty of attaching sentiment to even digital files, but it becomes a lot easier to delete something when I realise listening to it would take up time listening to something better.

I still have everything i have ever owned music wise, vinyl, CDs, cassettes, singles, taped copies, mixtapes etc.

All filed in order.

Anal moi?

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I own 48:13 by Kasabian on double 10" vinyl

I’d keep it outside if I were you, can’t be too careful


When my storage becomes so annoyingly stuffed and I can’t be bothered to overhaul the whole system I select a few I haven’t listened to in ages and a few that are only 6/10ish and send them to the chaz.

What I really mean is there’s something endearing about having an incomplete collection. I used to be a ‘completionist’, had to have everything by an artist I quite like even if the album is 6/10, but I’m giving that up now. Even gonna erase average albums by my favourite bands (goodbye Pablo Honey).

Actually I quite like Pablo Honey. Actually wait no I don’t. Ugh.

There are also loads of ‘classic albums’ that I just haven’t got into, might delete loads of them.