Tissue in wash

  • Person who put wash on
  • Person who left in pocket

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Culpability Brown, the landscape architect who made mistakes.


Pooed in the garden

Depends if said garment was in a place/pile that was clearly designated for washing. If so - it’s on the garment owner. If not then I would say it’s on the person who put it in the wash.

People who have left tissues in the wash are letting themselves be known here

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Yeah this is in the washing basket. You know, theoretically. Not an argument that my wife and I constantly have.

What if you leave money in the pockets then who gets to keep it?

The washer has a kind of backstop role to play in this scenario, but ultimately it’s the person who left the tissue in the pocket who must live with the shame.

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100% on the person who left it in the pocket.

Hypothetical Balonz sounds like he needs to be more careful.

If I’m putting the wash on on the way to bed I ain’t searching through pockets.


Hypothetical Mrs Balonz!

I only wash my own trousers :frowning:

Not an unreasonable stance.

Like fuck am I checking every fucking pocket for tissues whenever I’m putting a wash on. Get those used tissues in the bin or flush them when you’re done, you clatty fuck.


Flushing tissues! Get him!


Yeah, I wash so many damn clothes every given week I’m not sinking my time into going through all the pockets on everything. No chance.

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Its pocket roulette though isn’t it, crusty tissue or £5 note spin the wheel!

Don’t even use them mate, just leave a snail trail of snot everywhere I go.

I don’t like those odds.

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Someone correct me if I am wrong but I have heard on the street that quite a lot of women’s clothing don’t have pockets? Is this true?