Person who does the washing

Bras don’t (Unless you count them as booby pockets)


Catch it. Flush it. Kill it.

I said the word pocket quite a lot now and it sounds funny I wonder where the word came from? Markee?

Doubt he invented it, m8.


I bet he’s a pocket man though
(as in like to have clothing with plenty of pockets)

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If I’d have invented the word ‘pocket’, I’d have made sure that everyone credited me using the correct spelling of my name.

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Full disclosure: I voted for the person who left it in the pocket. In our house that person is me. I know what I’ve done.

I have recently been tempted to get one of those bum bags and where it across the shoulder French style. It seems very practical, anyone one else up for it?

I am assuming that it came from the same origin as the word ‘pouch’. I’ve seen films set in the very olden days where men carried pouches, like in meddy-evil times when there were no pockets on clothes. Or that’s my interpretation of Robin Hood films and so on anyway.

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so you leave your clothes sitting in the washing machine all night? tissues are the least of your problems

I often put the washing in the machine before work. But I set the timer so the wash will finish shortly after the time I’m due to get home. I do check all pockets but only to see if Clive has any cash that I can buy stuff for him with and he’ll think I bought it with my own money.


Making the bed in the morning

  • The person who last got out of bed
  • Assigned task of one individual regardless
  • Either party

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I imagine he dresses like the All Saints

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SHOULD be A; ends up being B (muggins).

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I’m being told it’s a thing by multiple people but I fail to believe it’s a thing because most things I own have pockets.


Timed wash, you duffus

I buy things because they have pockets but yes, its quite normal not to have them. Because we’re ladies and we should have handbags nonsense.

One of the most pointless chores imho opinion.

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Someone at work says it’s pointless to make the bed and also pointless to open the curtains in the winter cause you just have to shut them by the time you get home