Cultist simulator

Brilliant game.
Anyone playing it?


could really go for a cookie clicker type game rn

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Its very vague, no help at the start, really rewards experimentation.
I’m totally obsessed with it

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It’s high on my wishlist. Once I’ve cleaved away some of my backlog I’ll be on it. Love Alexis Kennedy’s writing.

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I’m intrigued, what do you actually do in it (or would that be giving too much away)?

don’t speak of that game


You get “verbs” where you can place cards, or combos of cards (explore, work, dream etc), which unlocks more shit. You have to pay attention to the writing as well, which is really really well done.

The aim is to establish a cult, and in turn seeking arcane knowledge that man wasn’t meant to know, yadda yadda.

If sacrificing folk isn’t your bag, you can also jack it all in and happily keep your job as a bank clerk, if you wish.

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