Was reading an article about this lot recently-
They have a huge underground temple that is open to visitors.

I watched that last night and then I went to bed and had a terrible thought…

Right now, somewhere in the world there’s probably someone locked up in a cult/fritzl basement that hasn’t been rescued yet…

Obviously couldn’t get to sleep after that!

There is a very interesting documentary on Netflix at the moment ‘Holy Hell’ so I’ll pick the Buddhafield from that

could be someone on your street


The bit where she said she used to hug the toilet and say thank you for being on my side when it would flush was very poignant

There’s a couple of good documentaries on Wayne Bent and the Strong City/Lord Our Righteousness Church lot.

Huge spoilers: he was unsurprisingly convicted of molesting children in his cult last year

meant to post in halons thread

Proper bastard.

I don’t trust myself not to join a cult sometimes.


Remember the ‘Myself, Ourselves’ cult storyline from Byker Grove?

Bit weird, that:


Can highly recommend the documentary (on Netflix) Holy Hell.

Is brilliant as tells the tale of a cult coming together, but hang on, its brilliant, and everyone is having a great time, but then, hang on again, the title implies that might not be the case.

Is a really great watch.


might bang this on later

These guys still have a proper 1990s website - when they all killed themselves to get on board the spaceship that was following comet Hale-Bopp they left one or two of them behind to spread the word, and they still reply to emails.

it’s awesome.

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