Cultural Changes You've Observed, 2012 - 2022

Interested to hear what people have to say about this, large changes (eg what phones have done) to small changes (eg there aren’t many math rock bands at festivals nowadays)

I’m drinking a beer and the artwork on the can is an abstract drawing of a man’s face, incredibly different design from a beer can in 2012, which was mostly the name of the beer and the brand colours.


Trying to remember when microbreweries became a thing but that feels like it was easily 10 years back. I certainly recall when a bunch of beers that are now seen as fairly mainstream were new and exciting.

I honestly don’t do well at remembering the past.

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Interesting thread idea this.

Some things that spring to mind

  • Explosion of veganism
  • Positive attitudes towards electric cars (iirc they were often mocked 10 years ago)
  • ‘Decline’ of AAA game dev (no new Elder Scrolls since 2011, no new GTA since 2013) and the move towards microtransactions.
  • Obviously phone use has gone bananas but specifically I think the amount of online video content watched has gone through the roof. The internet was still mostly pictures in 2012.

It took a few years to kick in, but in the UK it was all triggered by a tax change in 2002, with a real acceleration around 2011.

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Streaming services now the norm
Tik Tok
Twilight and vampires not really a thing any more.
No one’s planking these days


Yeah the choice of meat alternatives in supermarkets is absolutely wild these days. Ten years ago you had Quorn, Linda McCartney and supermarket own brand stuff.

Also: non-dairy milks that don’t disintegrate in coffee!

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Nobody neknominates any more


Reduction in ALS ice bucket challenges


You had Fry’s for vegan stuff 10 years ago, and now they’ve been pushed right out. Barely ever see it any more. There’s your change, vegan food is all sold by the meat industry now.


-people are more aware of social justice issues and back in 2012 people who were clear about their left wing politics were just written off as sjws which isn’t so much the case anymore

-on the other side, right wing people seem a lot more emboldened and given bigger platforms

-Korean media is so much more popular, in 2012 it was definitely a niche, I watched a lot of kdramas and was listening to kpop a lot at that time and while bands did come to the UK around that time, it was rare and in small venues compared to the stadium/arena shows that kpop groups are getting now worldwide

-music consumption is mostly streaming ok phones now, I used to use Spotify in 2012 but still had my iTunes library and an ipod and used Spotify at home on my laptop

-climate change has become a more widely discussed topic and the rise of ethical consumerism, accessible plant based diets etc is way more widespread than it was a decade ago

-instagram in 2012 used to just be selfies and random photos with ugly vignettes but it’s so much more now and used so widely by pretty much everyone and its shaped the role of influencers in society and how young people perceive the world around them and just as its made careers for loads of people it’s also pretty damaging

This is all I can think of so far, wild to think how much things changed


That’s a commercial change rather than cultural tho

For cultural, people say “to be fair” a lot more now, as like verbal punctuation. Feel like 10 years ago “not gonna lie” had the crown. Not so much these days.

It is what it is.

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Find this interesting as “to be fair” has always been a regular part of my vocabulary, yet “not gonna lie” has not. Even used to joke with my housemates in uni about a mythical place called Tubby Fair. Could it be that this is more of a regional thing? I have no real idea tbf since I’ve lived outside of the UK for 7 years now, just curious.

Much more Garfield cummies content around now


Good selection of frys at my local sainsburys at least.

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Street food and street food markets.

I feel like this is driven by a number of things:

  • rents for physical premises being really high
  • second/third-gen immigrant graduates embracing their parents’ cooking more
  • white city workers with money and contacts changing career

Sainsbo’s is the main culprit for getting rid round here! They’re abandoning Cauldron tofu for their whack own brand as well. My Sainsbo’s could learn a thing or two from yours

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Habbo hotel is a wasteland these days


The only text messages I get these days are Covid test results and Papa John’s offers.


Curly hair on women is finally considered cool again.

People say thicc a lot, and like big thighs.