Cultural Christmas Wishlist

Great news! Santa has been in touch and he’s giving us all five cultural Christmas gifts.

What are you asking for?

Do you want Bjork to make some pop bangers, for goodness sake? Do you want Morrissey to step on a land mine? How about a new series of a cancelled TV show, or an actually good season of Game of Thrones?

Corbyn in
Cycling out


new Chico album

Mogwai album of shoegazey pop songs similar to Teenage Exorcists.

Lost sequel to Geek Love found in Katherine Dunn’s attic (and it isn’t rubbish).

Simpsons cancelled before season ten airs.

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Ghibli to make a Legend of Zelda film

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the walking dead starts makes sense
new arrested development is good
new sundays album
new skyrim game
mrs brown’s boys cast gets fired into the sun

Live action remake of Spirited Away. Jason Statham plays every part but the budget is really small and all of the costumes are just made out of things he could find around the house