Cultural References You've Made That Younger People Haven't Understood Which Made You Feel Old (rolling)

was talking about the simpsons to someone 4 years younger than me on a date about a month ago, and they called it ‘retro’.

sacked the 2nd date off obviously.


Not me, but M.

We were playing a guessing game with the kids and the person we were trying to guess was bald (a teacher at G’s school). M’s guess? Duncan Goodhew :slight_smile:

I did one myself too though. The odd looks I got the other day saying “eeee rat fans” whilst giving the thumbs up. Worth every embarrassing second


Tried to use a Napoleon Dynamite picture to talk to students about the skills required to pass my course.

Wor Lass reminded me that film is older than most of my students.


About ten years ago (when I was a teacher) I told a bunch of kids in my physics class “the first rule about drawing circuit diagrams is you do not talk about drawing circuit diagrams”. Blank looks all round, obviously.

Counteracted by these (opposite to the OP’s question) incidents:

a) the loudest, most irritating boy in my Higher class (who had been banished to the back of the classroom to sit on his own after much intransigence) started singing “millions of peaches, peaches for me, millions of peaches, peaches for free” at high volume to much merriment. I sighed, walked up to his table and said (in pretty much a single breath)


His reply was a thrilled “how do you know that song?” My response was “I was 14 when that song came out. How do you know it? Don’t tell me, get on with your work.”

b) A table of clever second years were shirking their work. I said, “come on, you haven’t completed the worksheet yet,” to which they replied “but we know what we’re doing now, there’s no point in doing more questions.” I was in a good mood, so for some reason I replied FINISH THEM in a stereotypical Mortal Kombat voice, expecting to confuse and disorientate them. Again, they were all how do you know what Mortal Kombat is?; this time I could legitimately say “I was playing MK before you were BORN, now get on with your work”.

Small victories :smiley:


Noticed from being on various Facebook Simpsons groups that younger people have a different conception of what “old Simpsons” means

Seasons 1-9 m8s, NOTHING MORE


It’s worse now cos people used to have to watch TV and that TV was full of repeats and old films, so you watched them even if they were made before you were born

I don’t get the impression that young people do that anymore (with the exception of watching Friends apparantly)

I am shocked and appalled.

Ask him if he’s heard of this, um, grittier take on the concept. I’d never heard of this until someone mentioned it on FB last week, there were, er, “sexy fish” in it.

It will come as no surprise to you that I made an unrecognised Wayne’s World reference the other day. However it was to my boss (who is in his late 60s). He’d left his 1:1 notes and strategy/action plan in the work kitchen. So when I handed them back to him, I said “Thursday: purchase feeble public access cable show and exploit it”.

He laughed, politely I’m sure


I feel like I’m the hero you all deserve

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I made one today to my manager who is only 2 years younger than me and her face was so void in reaction to what I thought was some top notch wit that I’ve actually blocked from my memory what it was I actually said to her


Woah im 88 born and never heard of this, ill ask him :laughing:

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Lead a training session for volunteers for a helpline I help out on just before Christmas, was a young group and none of them knew what the League of Gentlemen was.

Today, to a younger colleague:

“What hours are you doing today?”
“What a way to make a living!”

Not a flicker.


Not even confusing it with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?

What is that?

Early 90s cartoon, was good

Ah, a cultural reference you’ve made that I haven’t understood and it’s made me feel old lol

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I remember watching it on the morning of Princess Diana’s funeral with my little brother. Channel 4 weren’t even showing adverts that morning (presumably adverts were felt to be disrespectful while the crimebusters of the sea were completely appropriate).