Culture Wars

“Culture-war peddlers often use contrived stories to pit working-class communities against one another and caricature movements for racial and LGBT equality.”

This is well worth a listen


I’m sure the Tories and right wing press will listen to the Fabian Society and knock it on the head now


I think this is a good piece, rightly picking apart the naivety of those who just think that pointing out that culture war issues are just a confection is enough to combat their effects.

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This looks good - thanks for pointing out!

My friend after a couple of drinks unscientifically declared the culture wars as simply the boomer generation (i.e. the luckiest and most entitled generation) simply being told that they are wrong in some instances and not being able to handle it emotionally, like a spoiled child. I’m sure it’s much more nuanced than that but after speaking to my mum (Leave voter and Daily Mail reader) I’m inclined to believe he has a point.

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