Cup-A-Soup Review THread


Felt a bit weird having such a b-ingredient as the focus of the cup-a-soup, but I had faith that they would find a way to make it work. I’m not saying that I’m against asparagus, it can be a great vegetable and a worthy part of many dishes, but it struck me as bold to put it as the key ingredient.

Unfortunately, my fears weren’t unfounded. The taste took the bitterest side of asparagus and as per usual with cup-a-soup, just piled on the salt to try and hide its mistakes. There were a few croutons in there which felt almost apologetic despite being the highlight of many cup-a-soups.

All in all this felt like a shameless attempt to piggyback on the cream of mushroom variety but seemed to entirely miss the point of why that is such a powerhouse.


What do you think?

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Forgot to take a photo before eating it, but this is what it looks like after it’s been eaten.


it’s been ages since I’ve had a cup-a-soup

They’re fucking everywhere in NL and they are free at work

What is written on your mug please ma0m.

asparagus is up there for me ma0sm

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oh wow if they were free at my work i would have them all the time

used to have the early 00s equivalent of these quite a lot

think they were called “cup a soup extra” or something

It’s a random mug from the cupboard, it’s a Salesforce mug.

It says

“Proud to be in the Cloud!”


Had a chicken noodle one at lunch. Solid 4/10

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Lovely stuff. Do report back if the soup makes your wee smell funky.

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Sometimes when I feel like piling on the misery I get the low cal ones which as far as I can tell are the same except with less dust in the packet so it’s a bit more watery

The colour of mushroom cup a soup is something quite bleak, almost unique

Like a really depressed version of that yves klein blue painting

You are not going to like my review

This thread is now sponsored, big things planned for the future.


I use salesforce and I am not proud to be in the cloud

Bought a box of Bacon and Lentil and a box of Chicken Noodle low calorie Tesco brand ones from the staff shop the other day as they were 2 for 50p.

Had a couple of rounds of toast and a bacon and lentil one for my lunch yesterday. Was fine/10.

Yes. This. Minestrone. But only the Heinz version. Bachelors is mildly rank.
So not technically a ‘cup-a-soup’ really. More of a ‘powdered soup, hydrated-with-boiled-water in a cup’