Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 Thread


Really good, takes a few mins to come to terms that people are looking old

Leon just brilliant


Is Funkhouser back for this series? He’d better be.


not sure what I thought of that, about half way through I thought it seemed pretty meandering and not particularly funny, but then there were a few moments after that where I actually laughed out loud, but it didn’t have the classic situation unfolding element, the bit with the women finding him in the restaurant just seemed tacked on


well i’m terribly sorry ma’am!


During the early set ups I was thinking…this is just greatest hits. But then he just brings it all home in the second half of the show. Crying by the end.


Funkhouser is hands down the best supporting character


Stupid but very funny. You can see a lot of the gags coming a mile off (the door holding) but the anticipation of how he’s going to deal with it makes it funnier for some reason. You’re already cringing before he even opens his mouth.


Susie is!




Can’t wait to do some lampin this weekend


no g


the episode/season where Funkhouser gets a divorce because he envies Larry’s bachelor lifestyle is one of my favourites



This is my favourite Funkhouser bit:


Funk Man is awesome.

Richard Lewis looks really old.


It was a bit weak tbh the new ep. 6/10. Bumped up because of Leon becoming Larrys assistant


Also the new filming style was really off putting


Still better than most shite on TV though.


Not much different in style to the last season is it?


Seemed a lot more cinematic, opened with a drone shot or something, watched the last series recently wasn’t like that