Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 Thread


How old is Sammy now? Swear down she was like 8 two series ago


Yeah that drone shot through the window was so shite, cant wait for drones to die


Yeah what ttf said. Took me out of it a bit tbh


Reminded me of that ‘clear history’ film he did which was basically a feature length curb


“Larry David’s office, what the fuck is up?”


“that bitch got foisted”


Well, I thought it was great. :smiley:

Jeff screaming down the phone at him about the Fatwa excellent.



I don’t live in a Cuban dance hall!


not sure if this is the right thread for it or not, but has anybody watched long shot?

it’s a really nice little (40m) film about a fairly infamous piece of curb lore, and features a wonderful little interview cameo from larry

(sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, btw. i had a bit of a search and couldn’t find anything, so hopefully it hasn’t!)


I’m deffo gonna be watching it ASAP


glad to be of service :+1:


first episode was pants.

second is amazing :smiley:




Wait what, this is out already?




Looks like Funkhauser returns for episode 2, plenty of Leon and Larry still wearing the disguise.

It’s no Taskmaster though.


I refuse to line Larry David’s already bulging pockets.


That’s just the pants riding up


absolutely sick reference.