Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 Thread


Amazing episode.



The Larry lookalike bit completely done me


Preferred last weeks if I’m honest but this was still great, so glad the Funk Man is back


Jim Rash!

Good episode, the sex scene was hilarious.


Leon has been killing it so far.


He was amazing when Funkhouser came round with his nephew.


“That motherfucker lived a life.” when talking about Forrest Gump did me in


The bit I lost it at was when he’s shouting at the boy “Ever seen a titty?” and Funhouser says “What kind of question is that?” and Leon just looks at him.

That and when he refused to let Larry move house because it would set Leon back two or three years.


“my name is Chappie Johnson and I can’t open this damn pickle jar”


Much preferred this ep. Funkhouser is just fantastic and Leons been great (hating on the nephew)

My main worry is Larry, he seems to just be unlikeable now.


think i’m bowing out of this season guys


the open pickle jar already in the fridge was brilliant


lol wut. its getting better!


think the salman rushdie fatwa stuff in this episode is in pretty poor taste, seems off seeings as that translator actually got killed because of it


Absolutely loved Larry’s courtroom speeches


I think the restaurant manager is one of the best bit part characters that’s been on this show

‘I’ve ticked all the boxes’


Yeah, he was good. That was Rich Fulcher wasn’t it?

Overall, thought this week was a bit of a dud.


You can’t ”Yoo-Hoo a judge” being the highlight

Don’t think Elizabeth Banks really worked which is a shame


Yeah, her “performance” stuff was very broad. The season so far has had that same broad/silly late-era Seinfeld feel that the last one did. I still love it massively whilst accepting that I prefer the seasons that were more grounded in reality (same as with the last two Seinfeld seasons innit)


A problem is that the earlier ones had a more natural feel too whereas now it just seems like a sitcom.

The fatwa idea is stupid too