Cures for the common cold

Obviously “the man” and “big pharma” would like us to believee that there are non, but seeing as we’re more woke than your average internet discussion forum, I wondered what home remedies and routines you have to stave off the inevitable seasonal scourge. A few good DiSers have already been struck down and it’s time to change that.

For me:

  1. cut out diary immediately
  2. daily fruit smoothie
  3. run if i’m up to it, or a long walk if not. sweat it out!
  4. no booze



I rely on being too fucking hard to ever get a cold.


gonna do me like that, ant?

Early Paul Young song titles needed some work.

I didn’t mention the fact you said “cut out diary immediately”

shut it down :disappointed:

I can’t. @moderators ?

@laelfy knows but she’s keeping it from us.

garlic tea

Obviously if I say the right answer in this thread they’ll kill me, so just keep buying your over-the-counter remedies everyone!

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Ha. Fairly impossible to create a cure or vaccine (science reasons)

Would just take plenty of vitamin c (in proper fruit format, not supplements). Prevent colds in the first place by avoiding getting cold/wet.

This is about the best you can do.

stand next to a lava lamp


Paracetamol, sleep, and if I can, physical exercise when it’s in my nose. No physical exercise when it’s reached my chest.

please tell me this isn’t a real thing

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you stooge!

Is this true, or an old wives’ tale?

Bed rest. In a place of consistent temperature.

Absolutely nothing else will help you get better quicker than this.


Lots of water and lots of sleep. Get well soon chief, I think I’m coming out the other side of mine now but it’s lasted a good couple of weeks.

N.B. this is actually the sound of me rubbing the maxillary sinus under my right eye: Guess the sound (it's nothing dodgy)

A recent article in the guardian (everyone’s favourite science journal) said that being cold or wet wasn’t a factor:

An early experiment at the CCU involved a group of volunteers being made to take a bath and then to stand dripping wet and shivering in a corridor for 30 minutes. After they were allowed to get dressed, they had to wear wet socks for several hours. Despite a drop in body temperature, the group did not get any more colds than a control group of volunteers who had been kept cosy.