Cures for the common cold

urgh!!! :nauseated_face:

There’s been some studies where they used cystitis as a model. Took women who were susceptible to developing cystitis, made half of them sit with their feet in ice water for a while. Result was the ice women were statistically more likely to develop cystitis. Theory is that your immune system is high energy dependent, and fighting a chill diverts energy from your immune system, leaving you more susceptible. So I don’t think it’s a complete wife’s tale, no.

I know! Gross right!

Ha, love it when studies are completely conflicting!!! Who knows? :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

Just to let you know, drinking more does not kill the germs, it just prolongs the cold. A pro tip there from Kallgeese MD.

The hell man? I listened to that 3 or 4 times, FFS. :face_vomiting:


“nothing dodgy” he says!!

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Yeah, I think that there’s something to be said for colder weather meaning that people’s energy demands are higher, and being run down/tired is going to make you susceptible to catching a cold, but it wouldn’t make me stay indoors in the warm.

Just a creaky sinus innit.

it’s real and potent

No, but it would make you change out of cold, wet clothes asap, wouldn’t it?



I’d say a key variable in increasing susceptibility to colds is public transport more than anything. I’ve noticed I get about double the amount of colds per year since having to get the tube to work as opposed to walking to work. Really is noticeable.

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I’d do that anyway, I think. Just doesn’t feel very nice, does it?

I’m putting this down to why I caught this one so quickly, so annoying.

  • put on some layers and go for a walk
  • stay home under some blankets and play vidya

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Close proximity to people, recycled air, non-sterile surfaces (eg handrails) are all going to increase risk of exposure, yeah.

Oh wait, is this for you right now? Stay at home obvs

well yeah, but more generally as well i guess