Curls (new Christopher Owens)


Debut EP from Christopher Owens’ new band (the guy from Girls). I’ll return with my thoughts in due course. Have at it in the meantime.


It’s rather lovely.


Yep, like this a lot


Sounds good, i never listened to anything he’s done after his first solo album which i liked. The cover if his second album and title really put me off! Worth checking it out?


What will I call my new band?


Hmm… Curls! That will do.


Really liked Broken Dreams Club EP, but thought the two Girls full lengths were very patchy. Haven’t enjoyed his solo stuff but will give this a go.

PF really seemed to think Girls were the second coming, eh?


Yeah, definitely worth checking out - a step back towards the gospel/shoegaze blend of Girls, but with more of a country twang. His third solo is also worth a spin - lo-fi and slight, but with such a sheer volume of songs and throwaway ideas that it carries its own charm.


this cover fills me with rage.