Current ailments


What’s been ailing you lately?

My left foot started feeling very hot but the temperature is normal to the touch idk like hot flushes localised within one patch of normal looking skin. I’ve probably been on web md for too long now and am starting to panic slightly so should probably see a doctor and stop being such a hypochondriac :blowfish:


Left ear has lost half it’s hearing, sure it’s due to hardened wax or inflammation or both. Been using ear drops for 3 days and had minimal improvement so I guess I got to go to the docs soon. Hope it leads to a an ear syringe as that procedure is god like


Yeah I had the same and an Ol’ syringe fixed it right up


black eye (literally no idea)
dry scalp
thigh muscle that I tore and probably need surgery on but cba
general dizziness and concomitant nausea every time i think about last weekend


Nothing really. I’ve been oddly healthy for quite a while.

Oh, solidly burned my thumb, index finger and middle finger on my left hand with boiling water two weeks ago and the skin is peeling now. Looks horrible.


Also I hope you all feel better soon!! :heart: :syringe: :pill:


Woke up with a strained (pulled?) muscle at the back of my right thigh/ top back of the knee. Been doing my head in all day. Hamstrings were already tight fuckers to begin with.


something… but i don’t know what
trapped wind?
low level hernia?
stomach bug?


had a phase of going on stupidly long walks a few months ago got a bit of an ache in my foot after one particularly long one. it’s never really gone away - it’s not particularly painful, more of a discomfort that comes and goes, but the persistence makes me think i should probably go to the doctor. i haven’t really done enough of the icing/elevating/taking ibuprofen that the internet told me to either cos i keep forgetting it’s there til it comes back.


Urine infection
Throat infection
Various cuts and scrapes
Psoriasis with a gross, flakey scalp :frowning:


just got toothpaste in my eye, burns like fuck


Restless Leg Syndrome has been pretty bad over the past week, and I’ve been struggling to sleep as a result.

Got a couple of mouth ulcers because of the above.


also got a load of mosquito bites and as always my skin did not react well. gone through a few phases of huge red welts to delightful deep purple bruises and only now are they starting to fade. every time this happens the redness spreads so quickly that i start worrying i’ve got cellulitis


olive oil is best for that shit, man. get a blocked right ear every 5 years or so. I was fucking completely deaf in that ear a couple of months back. for 10 days. really weird being half deaf. playing tennis and what have you was hard as fuck. kept saying stupid things too.

agree on the syringe procedure. beautiful feeling


I don’t have much voice. And I have a snuffly nose and a bit of a cough.




Dodgy knees - took up running from scratch about a year ago and hit it pretty hard, did a couple of 10k races then started hearing a ripping sound in my knees. Physio told me to stop running and do something else for a few months but the main reason I took up running was because it was the easiest way to do exercise and the faster you do it the less time you have to spend exercising. Anyway now I’m getting fat.

Also I’ve got the sniffles





Went to docs about mystery ailment. Seems to think i have an ulcer and have to lay off booze, coffee and burritos. NIGHTMARE.


my eczema has been fucking me about on my right hand for the past few months

just can’t shift it. if i stick a steroid cream on, it sorts it out within a few days, but then after a few days of not using it, it’s back

fucking nuisance

might go back to the doctor’s about it but a) getting an appointment is a nightmare - you either have to book a month+ in advance or ring up on the day and wait for a doctor to ring you back who you then have to convince you are worthy of their time and b) when i went a couple of months ago the attitude of the doctor was very much ‘here’s some cream, go away’