Current artists you just don't get (HATE THREAD)


Father John Misty. I Love You Honeybear (the song) is pretty beautiful but otherwise he’s incessantly smarmy and self-satisfied. I don’t care if he’s playing a character - it’s a shit, irritating one.

Now you.


Never knowingly heard a song of his but yeah, seems like a bit of a dick.


saw him live in Manchester on Sunday - both him and the band were fantastic.


This must be the 4000th thread on whether FJM is a dick or not


That whole album is full of great songs though…plus enough of the lyrics contained are sincere enough to keep it balanced.

Sadly, the same is not true of Pure Comedy


Mac de Marco. Boring shite, zero tunes


Slightly overhyped, but he does have tunes




You sure?







Radiohead. Bunch of chancers.


This isn’t the defend artists you like who are actually boring and shit thread, pal



Kate Bush (I mean, eh?)
Lorde (over-enunciation = talent?)
Father John Misty
Bon Iver

Don’t @ me


Ha!! oh yes…he was bloody awful. Hate him.


Pure comedy is better I’ve come to the conclusion. Just more to it


I’ve taken it upon myself to make it into that thread, pal


Great choice of song regularly find myself humming that one to myself


Pure comedy is good. Honeybear is better. Fear fun is decent. The man is an utter cleft. Case closed


Yes but this thread has a wider scope, i wouldn’t want to inflict yet another FJM-specific thread on you all.