Current avatar buddies

@ma0sm and @anon67149139

@cillacrack and @bamnan

@colon_closed_bracket and @jordan_229

any more?

what’s our throughline? sexy men?

Black and white. But yes obviously :heart_eyes:

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@anon30627475 and @AcceptanceIII

Oh and add @Im_On_Safari to the @ma0sm / @anon67149139 team


Me & @willum assuming his is another @Bamnan masterpiece?


Oh cool. Hello @AcceptanceIII enjoy your Halloween/Cat Christmas

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@sarahispi & @Gert


Me and the surprisingly large number of disers who have a B as their avatar.

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@jazzballet, @McGarnagle, @hankscorpio and possibly some others are all in the Simpsons avatar club.

@ellipsis84 and @I_LIKE_CATS cat buddies

Also, just saw the avatars of @profk and @badmanreturns next to each other and visually a lot seemed to go together there, probably just me seeing that though…


I think it should be a rule that cat owners do this.

Ahm oot. (Soon as I get to work)


I missed that @grievoustim is one of you too.
Would probably get a bit confusing if all the cat owners had cat avatars, on that small a scale it might be difficult to tell lots apart.

I for one would welcome our new feline overlords!


Aye mos def. I was going to use your one, had literally just finished cropping it when I noticed I had been pipped!

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He’s still going! Mine will deffo change to another soon.

(sorry, don’t quite know what happened there)

Just use it too but mirror it :slight_smile:

Might turn him dark grey and invert his mouth to have a light/dark happy/sad corgon thing going on. Like the moon emojis

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