Current Boots Meal Deal of choice

Caveat: yesterday I had an all day breakfast sandwich and it was Very Alright™.

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Best thread I’ve ever started.

The permanent marker one has replies!

The concept of going to Boots for lunch is a very strange one to me


If you’d have said Tesco meal deal of choice I would have happily contributed.

don’t eat boots meal deals due to being suspicious of pills/medical cream in the sandwiches.


Very wise


love a bootsy meal deal but it hasnt changed in years: spicy bean wrap, millionaire shortbread, orange juice thing

Jordan used to start these seemingly weekly back in the day

Think Boots Meal Deals are down to £2 at the minute (anniversary or something), can anyone confirm? I saw it on an ad but didn’t click it from fear of being tracked by Big Sandwich

Had a Coop deal though:

  • Boxing Day Lunch sando (smoked turkey, ham, coleslaw, chutney, ace)
  • Mini pork pies (banked them for tomorrow)
  • Some kind of ‘healthy’ non-Frijj banana milkshake
  • Also bag of spicy Mixups as they were £1


nothing could be finer!
Than to have your ham n eggs in …. boots

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what is the consensus - are we permitted to share other meal deals we are bouncin?


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It’s £2 if you spend a fiver in store.

The current sitch at Brindleyplace is loads of restaurants, but more than you’d want to spend on lunch (Wagamama, Zizzi, GBK, AB1, BANK, etc.), and there’s usually an EAT. but they’ve been bought out by Pret, which is opening soon. There’s a Baguette du Monde but I’ve done that too much recently. So Boots it is.

@tilty Share ANY meal deals, enjoy yourselves.


Oh also Boots is literally on my short walk back from the gym, and it was lashing it down so couldn’t be arsed going anywhere else.

1 - work
2 - gym
3 - Boots

3 bean wrap
cheese and onion squares
blue naked smoothie

(unsure if current)


I am IRKED about the takeover of EAT by Pret. Currently there are THREE Prets within about 500 yards radius of my office, and the takeover of the one EAT means this will be FOUR.

I’m gonna throw a contentious opinion out there and say I’m not Pret’s biggest fan. I much preferred the interesting options they used to have at EAT, like pork and stuffing baguettes, fusion bowls and their pies.

Anyway. Derailment.


Innocent Wonder Green or Bolt from the Blue
Triple cheese sandwich
McCoys salt and V


How do you join?


you having a laugh? do EAT no longer exist?!

literally one of the only places I was able to get a sandwich without butter/mayo, and now they’ve fucked it?



There still a few EATs around but they’ll all be Prets by next year. The two nearest EATs to me have already closed and have Pret branding all over them.