Current customer service irks


Halifax/Bank of Scotland can do one.

  • Looked at me like I’d spat in their face when I went into a branch and asked to set up a joint account, then huffed and puffed through setting an appointment to do it (which I then didn’t go to because another bank did it for me in minutes and gave me a bunch of free perks)
  • Were spectacularly unhelpful with mortgage stuff on the phone and kept telling me to do things online instead of speaking to an advisor
  • Tried to get me to go to Huntingdon or some other hellhole for a face to face advice thing
  • Eventually booked me an appointment with the wrong person
  • The thing that prompted this thread: the text to cancel this appointment cost actual money

I’m telling myself that I’m going to move my accounts away from them when I’ve got the time but obviously I’m far too lazy to actually do it so I’m moaning here about them instead.

What petty grudges against faceless corporations are you currently holding, then?


Would love to participate in this thread, but just thinking about past experiences of these things makes my blood boil.





What’s the difference?


About 20 years.


Peterborough has a decent motorway services


HBOS as well. They have machines in which to deposit cheques/cash, but you can only access them when the branch is open and it takes longer than a face-to-face. My buddies didn’t die face down in the muck for this pointless waste of time and jobs…


I’ll only ever end up there if I’m fully touching cloth.

So quite likely.


What is a cheque?


hate this advert. telling dorothy she’s too young for a mortgage, when in a previous advert they gave a mortgage to top cat, a cat who lives in a bin


No chain and a reduction in stamp duty, tbf


Virgin Media

always Virgin Media


Worth 450k in London TBF


Huntingdon is also the location for the next Fenino.


That is a shit advert.

Their new abomination might be even worse:




My current is organisations using very nice people to cover up for bullshit

O2 changed my number to a different one leaving me without a phone for a month. The phone people were very nice but said I needed to talk to the store, the store people were very nice but told me to speak to the helpline. Eventually called the helpline again and a very surly agitated women fixed it within SECONDS. Would take surly again.

Letting agents meant to give me keys yesterday - didn’t send 4 documents til 4:50 then called me 5 minutes before they closed saying I could get the keys… all very nice people though




is this from that film cube?