Current Earworm (Thread)

this for me, going round and round, all day every day atm

This little beauty

The end of the instrumental bit in Only In Dreams by Rivers Cuomo and The Weezers.

Quite enjoying it.

remember seeing ash cover that, was decent tbh

I don’t believe you.

theme from the wire

probably a sign i watched too much tv over the weekend

I was doubting that it was enjoyable, because Ash are obviously rubbish.

Downtown by Macklemore

I’m obviously not going to listen to it due to the above.

ash are rubbish but weezer get a pass? ok


will probably never listen to em again but this is still a good song i reckon

mostly all the backing vocal hooks

I have got the christmas song from About A Boy stuck in my head (look who’s coming round the bend, it’s santa and his raindeer friends) and it is doing my nut in

about ten different flight of the conchords songs



will somebody please
remove these
from me knees?

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I’M the motherflippin’