Current extremely minor discomforts/inconveniences


My thumb joint on my right hand feels like it really needs to crack, but it won’t crack.


I cut a toe nail a bit too short. Rubs on my socks and makes me wince a little from time to time.


Slight discomfort in my lower back on the right side following a run last night (never/can’t stretch off my back properly)


the nail on my ring finger on my left hand feels like there’s something stuck under one side of it or something

like there’s another nail growing underneath it

it feels weird every so often and i start digging another nail under it trying to work out what’s going on

incredibly minor but definitely inconveniencing


wait! it’s my middle finger, not ring finger

as you were


hungover as fuck at my desk.




my boxers don’t suit these jeans i’m wearing and they’ve started riding dirty up my arse




Mouth ulcer on the underside of my tongue, just close enough to catch on my teeth when I eat.


actually they’re not quite riding up there, i’ve just tried adjusting them twice in the toilets with a little improvement. Hopefully it’ll stay that way or i’ll have to try to detach myself from physical reality for the rest of the day. I had a brief moment o f worry when I was going into the toilets and someone walked out, I was concerned that he might have just done a massive stinking poo. He could read that concern on my face but couldn’t very well say “it’s fine in there”.


I’m a bit cold but I’d have to sit up to put my jumper on.


neck (feels off-kilter, not like the pain i’m used to but definitely a discomfort in it and my shoulders). will be the next thing to hassle my gp and consultants about once i’ve seen a podiatrist.


Think this might actually be a spot of tendonitis.


UPDATE: I got it to crack and now it feels really weird