Current low level annoyances


I’ve got an eyebrow hair sticking out at a jaunty angle and I can’t get it with thumb and forefinger.

Also there are no biscuits in the office and I’m hungry.


Went to the shop this morning, intended to buy cereal, forgot to buy cereal, really want some cereal, can’t be arsed going back to the shop.


I just got the eyebrow hair and someone’s put “birthday treats” in the kitchen.

@ohgood, shut it down.


Can’t get back to social from a thread directly with ease. @theo? 11000011010100101001110000?


Kids have gone back to school so obviously it’s… GET READY FOR XMAS TIME. FFS.


Got an email from Ocado yesterday telling me to sign up for my Christmas delivery slot now. Fuck off.


Just click on the word Social at the top of the page?


No good when you’re at the end of a thread. Also does it appear on mobile? Dunno.


Really struggling to decide whether to go to waitrose and buy a butterscotch pecan yum yum or not. Comfy on the sofa.


such a childish named item. annoys me a little, if I’m honest. I’m sure there are more.


Nah, it’s not there on mobile.

The desktop and mobile headers should be switched.

There’s more use in having the thread title at the top of a mobile view than on a desktop, where you can probably deduce that info from the tab. And on desktop, many people will be in work, where the subtle logo header, without the thread title in massive letters, would be more apt.


Does your device have a back button?



I HATE asking for them at the pattiserie counter.


If you’re at the bottom of a thread on a phone then keep scrolling til you get to the suggested topics and then press Social under the category option.


The 3 bars next to your picture at the top of the page on mobile are for you then.


Barclays have signed my wife up to some shitty phone insurance without her consent and it’s taken £38 over the past 4 months. Got it sorted last night but it’ll take 8 weeks before we get the money back :expressionless:


I’m with Barclays, hopefully this will subsidise some of my services.


Ol’ Lonzo is on the money here.


it’s not so good if you post and then want to go back though, you have to hit it twice


Was planning on having pizza for dinner, now football has been rearranged I could also be having pizza for tea… I like pizza but…