Current low level annoyances


Can you send me a cheque and I’ll give you the cash in 8 weeks?


i’ve got to go to another company’s office for some reason this afternoon and then they’re all going to the pub to pretend that they all get on well which means I’ll have to make some excuses.


Do you know that I am still using the same cheque book that I had at University.

Obviously I only graduated very recently so it is quite an unsurprising fact.


100% you should ask for compensation. cunts!


Can I shock you, I’ve never had a cheque book.


cheque mate!


I was livid but my wife is very calm and got it sorted with the minimum of fuss. 8 weeks though!


chancellor of the ex-cheque-er



Yeah all of this


omg mind blown


Oh that’s ok I guess


There’s a constant high-pitched note coming from a generator or something on the building site outside and it’s slowly driving me mad. The note that’s ringing out really clashes with the music i’m listening to too. Not really a day to shut the windows either :weary:


Back button is no use of you’ve opened a thread in a new tab.

But… The word social at the very bottom of the page does the job. So all is well.


Less childish more racist but there’s a baked good called a Jap Fancy which is up there with yum yum in difficulty to order

…possible whole thread in this


Everytime I do an online shop the one key item that prompted the order is always replaced with some shit I don’t want. And the whole rest of the order was only to make up the amount to qualify for delivery. EVERY TIME.


Housemate keeps burping


Alright, The Queen.


Bought an A4 photo frame and it’s about 5mm smaller thus forcing me to find a strimmer