Current minor annoyances


I’m wearing a shirt that I forgot I even owned. I now realise that the reason I haven’t worn it in ages is because the sleeves are comically too short.

Now you.


Your arms have grown since you bought it?


Can’t sort my sleeping pattern out


No, I got measured in the shop and went with their measurement because, hey, they’re trained professionals, they know their art. Twice I did that, and twice I got misfitted shirts.

Do it myself now and they fit better.




Loud American exchange students sat behind me.


Roll up your sleeves?


You’re not the boss of me.

It’s definitely an option, but it’s not that warm in here. I’m mostly annoyed at myself for not picking out the good, dependable purple shirt instead. Then none of this would matter.


none of it matters anyway. Diamond spade death


very loud guy with the worst laugh talking on his phone so loudly i can’t concentrate on my podcast. :rage: he keeps on saying “TAXI FOR LIGHTWEIGHT” fuck off!!!


A lot of people get annoyed when embarrassed or made to feel stupid, but if channelled correctly it’s actually an opportunity to better yourself x


Wearing my favourite jumper, extra fine merino. fits really well and cosy as fuck, and I’ve just noticed there’s a hole right in the middle near my belly :disappointed:


Got some service provider prick patronising me. I’m the client, just do what I say and send me a bill.

(Quite like being on the other side of this relationship, it’s much better)


They are not the same row as me on the plane luckily.


The crazy lady at work now has a dictaphone and has started recording everything people say to her. I don’t trust her in the slightest.
She had previously been like “you told me this and it was WRONG” so yeah I won’t be saying much to her from now on.


Ooo enjoy your flight! :rocket: Sorry for venting my rage, he’s gone, he won’t be bothering us again.


I’m laughing at this but it sounds like she might have some sort of mental health issue because that is really fucking odd


If it ever takes off- 25 mins late sat on the runway so far


It’s nuts. She tried it on the guy who sits next to her by being like “hang on a second” and getting it out to press record and he was like get that fucking thing away from me


Stuff like this makes me really glad I don’t have colleagues. Is this the woman who keeps trying to get you to go for lunch with her?