Current minor ongoing battles

Cambridge Water say I owe them £121. Wtf no I don’t.

Also, looks like I’m going to have to use the deposit scheme ADS to get that £1500 back, or go the small claims route. Quietly itching to make good use of that three days of litigation skills I learned on a course, tbqfh.


Fat White Family still haven’t returned my mate’s keyboard stand


My Vitriol never refunded my London ticket but I’ve chalked that one up to experience.


If you take away my grudges, there’ll be nothing left


An ongoing battle which I’m being kind of forced to just drop but I really don’t want to drop it.

Basically my property managers are super rude to us and people keep dumping rubbish in our carpark so they told us to let them know when it happens and it’s happened loads so obvs I’m the one to email and say sort it out etc. They then emailed me back saying they’re sick and tired of my attitude and that I can just go find another property manager for us and the 8 other flats. I was like wtf that’s so rude and they just carried it on. Didn’t apologise, just kept emailing me shit and being really rude/defensive. Then they pulled out snippets of my emails and were like LOOK HOW RUDE YOU ARE with stuff like “get this sorted” and “get this looked at asap” but what they’d done was skip out of the parts where we said could you please and thank you and they’re basically just carrying on cause i’ve gone back to say why are you lying and they just ignored it and said that i can contact the other owners to see if anyone else wants a new property manager too and then I can go find a new one and drop them. Which is a very odd way to try to keep your customers happy but whatever.
I wanna report them, bf says just leave it.

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oh wow do you work for them too?


None at the moment, which is bizarre considering we’ve just moved house. When we moved last time, everything that could go wrong pretty much did.

(Having new sofas delivered tomorrow, they’ll probably turn up broken in half now)

The glider things we paid for to go on the bottom of the sofa legs to stop it scratching the floor fell off almost immediately. Cannot be arsed doing anything about it.

I was just gonna suggest lakeland would have some but I’m annoyed with Lakeland too!!

Got some of this last week to stop my rug slipping about. As you can see, the picture CLEARLY shows the sticky stuff sticking to the rug.

WRONG. Not only does it not stick to the rug well, but it’s sticky on the other side too…not just “grippy”. So it’s now basically stuck to the floor and the rug is on top of it

Quite need something like that for my new bath mat actually. I will steer well clear of that one, thank you.

I think he actually meant sincerely that he would leave it but continue to moan about it.

BUT he has the same goddamn sarky attitude of those that have wronged me so i’m adding him to my list :eyes:



I got some of these in Poundstretcher for a quid each:



This is more what I need but haven’t been able to see it anywhere!

Yeah yor in a tricky situation as most property managers are the same or worse and changing managers can be tricky operation if the previous managers are not co-operative.

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Don’t ever really let a grudge/battle go. Have battles at work from 3 years ago that seem resolved as the person is really pally with me, but guess what? I still hate you! Just a very reasonable person that understands the need to maintain peace for the greater good. Hahahahaaaaahhhh

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Fucking hell, I bought a roll of that on the weekend for €8. I’m a fucking mug.

Which they almost definitely won’t be!

Kind of CBA but also want someone to just tell him off a bit?

Sharing a room with a stranger for a month long trip that involves about 12 different hotels. Hotels here won’t provide 2 room keys. This is massively inconvenient. Every new hotel involves a lengthy battle to get a second. Current hotel is holding firm. Irked.

Sounds like ones we have. I imagine they’re all like that.

The person we have to deal with is properly rude - essentially any time we have to ask for something to be fixed she either claims we’re being “difficult” and makes us do the bulk of the work or just tries to blame and charge us for it - but we’ve always had to tiptoe around her because one of my housemates has been there for nearly ten years and the rent is really low as a result.

Tenancy is due for renewal in January. She sent us an email a few weeks ago indicating it was going to go up a fair amount - she initially said by £35pw, although in a second email this had gone up to £60pw. Realised afterwards the first email had appended the total with a +. Classy move.

My housemate disputed this as the property isn’t in great condition; they got the letting agents to come round and do a “rent assessment”. End result is, they’re planning to evict us and redecorate so it can be let at market rent.

(I was planning on moving out anyway, but I feel properly shit for the others obviously)

But this utter nightmare of a person actually wrote “This would draw a line in the sand for everyone and give us an opportunity to bring the rent in line with market value“, as if that isn’t someome’s home of a decade you’re talking about, you blood thirsty sociopath


I had one with M&S recently (sorry @rich-t) . I took something back and got a voucher receipt valid for a year. There was nothing immediate I fancied at Sparksies and the voucher receipt was getting dog eared, so I scanned it and saved a copy on my computer. The voucher eventually fell apart and I threw it away. Went to use a the scanned copy and they said they would only accept the original? I said ’ there is no difference though it contains the same information?)
Any way had to write to head office and sent off the scan they made an ‘exception’ and re issued the receipt and posted it too me. Everyone was very polite during the whole process, but I am stilled baffled at the policy of it having to be on the original receipt paper