Current minor ongoing battles


need to be careful with water companies as some report to credit agencies nowadays.

I recently switched from british gas and lost the final bill so thought id wait for a reminder, they didnt send a reminder they employed a debt collection agency, apparently they report to credit agencies too so that’s my mortgage renewal ruined. I just paid up, so not really a battle, but I will never forget this british gas, one day revenge will be mine.

still need to take my former housemate to small claims court, i’m so lazy just need to write a letter before action, but it is so much hassle gathering together all the stuff, hopefully he thinks ive forgotten and when i finally send it it will ruin his christmas


Property Ombudsman? Property Redress scheme? PM agents are undertaking a regulated activity. There are lots higher places to go

Find out if they’re a member of AMRA-


NoahVale v Cardiff City Council

Bastards tried to fine me 60 quid for using a bus lane. I cut into it a couple of car lengths too early so that I could turn left at the lights. No other vehicle was using it and I gained no advantage by it. Protested and won. Fuck You, Cardiff CD Wankers :fu::fu::fu:


Yeah they’re part of one but bf doesn’t want me to write to them cause it’s more hassle than it’s worth I’m sure!
I just like a little moan but now I feel anxious about publicly slagging them off. But they did really piss me off and ruin my Friday night/weekend!


I totally do not understand the rules on bus lanes

Like I’ve used one to undertake a car in front of me waiting to turn right loads of times - and always seem to get away with it. Is this OK or have I just been lucky so far?


You’ve been lucky so far. They’ve just put in a whole load of extra cameras in round our way - loads of people have been complaining about getting caught turning up Coombe Road off Lewes Road near Carpetright.


Currently trying to charge O2 for 3 hours of my time.

Every time I contact them i have to explain the problem again, takes about 40 minutes for them to get to the bottom of it, then I’m told it has been escalated and will take 5 days to resolve. Now on day 14 still not resolved


Knew I’d gone too early with that post.

Sofas turned up and the arm of one of them feels like it’s missing a chunk of stuffing and is creaky as fuck. Sounds like it’s going to fall apart when you sit on it. Stay tuned consumer beeves fans…


I know Adam the guitarist so I could ask him for you. But I don’t know the keyboard guy at all, or any of the others. I DJ’d for them once a couple of years ago but they kept to their cliques in the backstage area.


Serious battle: I left the NHS for three years to look after my mum when she wasn’t well and was pretty high up on my pay grade and now when I’ve come back to nursing they’ve demoted my pay to back down to basic bitch even though the place I work at now took me on because of my experience and I’m actually practising now as a senior nurse on the unit. When I’ve brought this up with my manager I have to put forward a financial case saying everywhere I’ve ever worked, basically what I did when i applied :expressionless: I’m gonna do it dudes


More important battle: I was in Sainsbo’s cafe yesterday and ordered the soup and the sign said it came with bread and butter and when the guy brought it he said I had to pay for my carbs even though the sign clearly said they were included. I’m gonna write a strongly worded email to them now


my mum is a nurse and it’s an absolute joke how badly she is paid given her experience and the amount of responsibility she has. she’s come up against loads of this sort of thing in the past - it seems to be rife, sadly :frowning:


Complain to the Trading Standards office as well. This is clearly a breach of contract.


You’re talking about the bread and butter incident right? :smiley:


take it to their social media


Ha ha. Yes.


Does anyone know how detailed a ‘letter before action’ needs to be, like is it enough just to reference the various emails, messages, bills that back up your case, or do I need to actually provide copies of all these documents with the letter?


just tell them you’re going to report them to the ombudsman unless they sort themselves out, that usually puts the fear of god in them. i did that once and actually contacted the ombudsman who replied saying it was out of their remit, but it shat them up enough to sort things out


Do you think it would be a good idea to sign off a letter before action with ‘happy Christmas’

  • Yeah do it
  • No be nice

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Nah, if this goes to court you want to go in to it smelling like roses.