Current minor ongoing battles


Fuck it @ttf you want to go swanning in like John Wayne mate


Yeah that is the worry, but I’m partly doing it for catharsis, so tempted to get in as many digs in as possible.

Is it worth giving details that are kind of ‘aggregating factors’ such as the guy going on holiday all the time and regularly buying expensive stuff while owing me money and not paying his share of bills, or should it strictly be about the numbers and dates in your legal opinion?


Disappointingly (thankfully), this did not escalate to any sort of ongoing episode of beeves.

They sent a very friendly man out who fixed the creak and will be back to sort the arm out next week.

Disconcertingly straightforward actually.


No idea, sorry! My best guess would be that you want to stick to setting out your cause of action, what you want, and the evidence for why you want that amount. Save the other stuff for if the other party claims they were unable to pay.

But trust the proper lawyers on this, I don’t handle this stuff day to day, I’ve just done a three day course :joy: