Current minor (or non-minor, if you like) ailments

I’ll go first:

  • Keep picking a scab on my earlobe which was the result of sunburn and I just can’t stop picking it, so it’s not healing
  • Scar on my leg from an injury about 6 weeks ago just above my knee: the whole area around this is totally numb, surely can’t be right, can it?
  • Bruise on arse cheek


got 2 very annoyingly placed insect bites
1 on my ankle just where the top of my shoe is, so it gets rubbed constantly
1 just behind my knee, so it gets pulled and pushed constantly when I’m walking

is this the sort of thing you’re after

My feet hurt from standing up too much

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yep, thanks :heavy_check_mark:

Left knee not keen on the stairs

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Weird, was going to make this thread earlier.

  • annoying cough
  • sole of left foot really hurts if I step on a rock or summat on the street
  • right ankle hurts

Just the Rockfords, really.

I’m hot.

also feel like i’ve got a bit of a shin split on my left leg


i need to stretch after being on the bike

-Sore throat on the right-hand side, need some Strepsils
-Possible sunstroke

+Arm recovering from torn triceps
+Thought a knee was being weird but it turned out that I was

Gums keep bleeding for no reason like some sort of Simpsons character I can’t recall the name of.


Left foot is still giving me quite a lot of gyp from time to time after the ligament damage in April.

Otherwise, I think relatively tip-top.

Headache and sore eyes
got a case of the epimers today
Huge bite on the back of my thigh

Just the constant horn cos of the hot weather

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I’m absolutely covered in bites, but it isn’t going to stop me sitting in my deckchair.

I’ve got a scab on my head that hasn’t healed for well over a year.

Ailment: Carpet burn
Location: Right arm, just below the elbow
Cause: Football!
Status: 80% healed, scab can be picked off (carefully, obviously)

It’s really weird! Very much a localised phenomenon, only hurts on the top-right when I swallow. Not sure I’ve had 50% of a sore throat before

massive scabby graze on right forearm and huuuuuuuge yellow bruise on right thigh due to bike crash last week

ongoing stiff neck

ongoing lower back pain when cycling