Current minor (or non-minor, if you like) ailments



i don’t think i’ve ever conceptualised my throat as having sides before.


Ailment: Carpet burn
Location: Right arm, just below the elbow
Cause: Football!
Status: 80% healed, scab can be picked off (carefully, obviously)


It’s really weird! Very much a localised phenomenon, only hurts on the top-right when I swallow. Not sure I’ve had 50% of a sore throat before


massive scabby graze on right forearm and huuuuuuuge yellow bruise on right thigh due to bike crash last week

ongoing stiff neck

ongoing lower back pain when cycling



This is how it starts.


I think I have RSI in my right thumb and elbow from writing so much over exams. They’re both quite clicky now


I ‘sprained’ my ankle about 2 and a half months ago, at least that’s what the nurse told me. It’s still hurting and I can’t do much in the way of exercise, and my doctor is being shit at referring me for an x-ray. Suppose I could go to A&E but I’d rather not. Bah.

  • Bruise from getting drunk and falling down the stairs on Saturday.
  • Ingrown hair on face that I can’t get out
  • Chronic fatigue, all the time.


Sprains take a few months to get over, even if you’ve rested and iced, and have been doing exercises on it.


Ha, I’ve not really been doing any of these things. It is actually feeling better than it was but only because I’m not wearing my flimsy trainers which make me walk funny.


Got pins and needles in my right leg, haven’t I? Don’t need to move for 45 minutes so I’ll just sit it out.


Tiny bruise on my hip from a gig last week.


Thumbs hurt, think it’s cause the fingerprint scanner on my phone stopped working and my password is long. Also i type too much and too quickly on my phone using just my thumbs. I can even touch type and touch typed thidbdent3nce and won’t corr3ct it just to see
^actually not bad (but bad for my thumbs)


Got anxiety/hayf ever itches. Covered them in dressings so I don’t scratch the shit out of them but that’s made me look like a mad woman.


Got a sore on one of my right toes that is made worse by the seam of my choice of socks today


I got my back really hurt because i am standing too much.


please nobody question this account


bloody athletes foot that won’t go away. reluctant to bother GP about it but it’s been hanging about for a couple of months regardless of foot hygiene / what over the counter stuff I use. Urgh. Doing my head in. Anyone suffer with this ?


Took a gamble and ate some mushrooms at lunch, think I’m allergic/intolerant to mushrooms and now feel pretty uncomfortable


Have a mouth ulcer for the first time in ages. Think it’s from one of my wisdom teeth cutting into my gum above it