Current upcoming wedding attendance count


What’s your situation right now?

Currently got one this year, and three next year. It’s intense as fuck, and it’s expensive as fuck.

Can anyone beat 4?


Two, both next year. Ushering at both.


There was going to be one wedding reception, but my gf is getting me out of it.

Frankly, she’s lucky to etc


Either nobody I know is getting married or they just don’t want to invite me (the bastards)


at my age it’s either lowkey second weddings or funerals



I have noticed that I have multiple times been invited to the “stag do” but not the “wedding”. While this is fine with me, it does make me wonder whether it’s something I should read into.


Hate funerals, glad I don’t have to turn up to mine


Are you a coke dealer?




Had 5 last year, fallow year this year.

Currently 2 next year, but one might be abroad (fingers crossed) in which case I won’t attend.


Is Pepsi alright?

It’s this sort of thing that explains it I think


1 next year - might throw a sickie


1, my own, next year




Five! Fucking hell!


0 this year
1 next year (my own)


Stand back, amateurs:

Next year, I have been invited to SEVEN (7) weddings.

I think we will end up attending five (5).

One in Chester, one in Gloucester, one in Brussels, one in Seville, one in Rochester NY.

EDIT: Shit, we’re actually meant to be going to six, add one in London. Fuck’s sake.


Also one, my own, probably next year.


1 in a couple of weeks. No others on the horizon, might get invited to a night do or two.


you only have yourself to blame