Current work dramas

The baby pigeons I can see from my office window look like they’re getting ready to leave the nest and it’s stressing me out a bit. What if they fall?!

Also a bunch of people in accounts quit this week blah blah snooze.

could you take a photo of the pigeons please? You rarely get to see baby pigeons

i bet they’re hideous


Another day at work = another in day in which my useless colleague hasn’t been sacked.

One day. One day.

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looks worriedly over at colleague who is also called Geoff


They’ve turned the air con on and shut the windows. Obviously this is fantastic news, as hayfever has fucked off and I am no longer being incinerated, but some people are complaining.

I call these people “twats”.



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I can’t get a clear shot, just looks like a mass of grey feathers at maximum zoom on my phone camera.

Beebop has ventured OUT OF THE NEST and is now on the branch next to it. Rocksteady has more sensibly stayed home for now.


If you haven’t already, I recommend you get on the Acrivastine. Was on cetirizine for years, started on the acrivastine because I’d ran out of my usual stuff and its amazing.

any I’ve seen are to be fair, just makes me feel even more sorry for them

so they have names

been working on a film about this athlete (a total unknown before you ask), and just found out they refused to take part in a recent competition because they’re a massive racist, which is nice.

Well how the fuck else do you expect their mum to tell them apart?


They all look the same, baby pigeons.

after a year and a half of having no boss, they finally decided that they needed one but then got someone who appears not to have the technical knowledge required which has raised a few eyebrows

argh!!! NSFW


They’re a lot older than those.

they look a bit like they evolved from ball bags


Martyn Rooney