Current work dramas

This then?

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Closest yet.

@epimer please get your girlfriend to make a bunch for us.

She left Wonky the Monkey under my pillow last night again.

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She sounds like me.

can you post a pic of wonky the monkey again please. It’s been too long since I last looked deep into his eyes and imagined the loving caress of his long spindly arms around my body.


What caused the accounts walkout?

it was on account of epimer


Did they realise what they were paying him?

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I think they realised that they were paying him.

(I have no idea)

Everyone in my team is annoyed because there are rumours that they are going to change our job titles from ‘Project Manager’ to something without the word ‘manager’ in it, because we aren’t managing internal people. So boring.

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Thank you :joy:

Dunno, I only found out because I happened to be in the kitchen making a cup of tea when people were talking about it. Only caught “poor team morale”.

I reckon it’s because their boss took away the free biscuits and the Nespresso machine, personally. I’m still furious about that, tbh.

They should’ve put this in Alien: Covenant.


my money’s on “Project Analyst”