Current workplace grievances


Some shit cunt(s) keep wedging the kitchen bins open. That’s great that you’ve saved 0.3 seconds in throwing away your teabag, but now the kitchen smells like the inside of the bins, you FUCKING WEAPON.

I doubt anyone will have anything as serious as this to contribute, but you might as well try.


Since I started here 12 months ago we’ve had an all staff email from Mary about once every three weeks threatening to put a padlock on the fridge unless people stop leaving stuff to go mouldy in there. JUST DO IT MARY FFS


Literally everything.

Spending my time applying for jobs for less money in the public sector because i can’t stand working in the private sector anymore


It’s been kicking off here because the new guy has taken the full roaster’s bin and he ain’t fucking happy. He’s been complaining to me about it a lot.


the one brexiter has finally been accepted as being alright again. we’re back to peace





Free clothes!!!


We’re not allowed office bins because apparently since it’s a paperless office we shouldn’t need them. As a result, my bag is generally stuffed full of sweet wrappers at any given time.

If I ever spill it open in public I’m going to look fucking mental.


I mean, sure, but how does the kitchen smell?


They’ve removed all of our desk bins in favour of a few large bins scattered around the office. Of course one is right next to my desk and therefore lots of food smells. Also I get to see everyone not bothering to recycle even though the recycling bin is next to the other bin.


You should visit thewarn’s office - he has loads of bins.


That was literally one of the “reasons” given why we shouldn’t complain.

Here’s some others:

You don’t have to clean it
It’s free
It’s tailored
They cost hundreds of pounds


Fine tbh, it’s basically new.


As in a dress code or literally a uniform? If it’s the latter :joy:


You could send me that roaster’s bin. That would solve several problems.


My colleague just said “this is the impression that I get” and then didn’t appreciate my singing


I can see why you are but I don’t know if I would be too bothered.


It’s a tailored dress and jacket.


So it could be worse.


Have you seen them yet? Are they ok?