Currently on your to listen to or to buy list

As it’s Bandcamp Friday tomorrow and looks at first glance like a quieter new release day, curious what you’re all looking forward to buying? Or spending time listening to in coming days?

There’s lots on the Neptune long list to explore

Small jag: on Bandcamp Friday, the first album on the new DiS label up for pre-order, limited to 1000 copies on eco-mix vinyl. There will also a be a CD. It’s Versions by The Anchoress featuring her reworkings of Manics, New Order and more

Recent albums I’ve currently got cued up not on the Neptune list to spend more time with

  • Eluvium (he rarely misses)
  • CMAT (adore the John Grant collab)
  • Julie Byrne (adore tracks from it but not spent much time with full thing)
  • model/actriz (recent discovery for me, curious to hear more)
  • JFDR (adore Spectator and haven’t delved into much of their catalog)

There are thousands of albums on my to listen/to buy list. I have a Spotify backlog playlist for every year since 1965.

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Keep meaning to listen to that Alvvays album. Never bloody do though!

Ah, I meant recent releases but didn’t articulate that very well :person_facepalming:

Writing this thread nudged me to listen to it again. Criiiikey it’s amazing. This track especially, with the almost unrelenting string part that falls away.

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I been meaning to buy this from BC -
ffo -howling drone soaked grooves

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Will buy the new Sarah Davachi archival releases.

Lawrence English & Lea Bertucci have a collaborative album out next week so looking forward to listening to that.

Need to catch up with recent releases from Caterina Barbieri and Andrew Bird.

Also a few vinyl oddities ready to spin when I can get some quality sofa time.

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Lia Kohl’s first album seeing as how much I liked her latest

A bunch of Radiohead B-sides / outtakes from OK NOT OK

There was something else but I forget what it was

Very importantly I will have a preorder of this ready which features myself and @BodyInTheThames jag jag jag


Oh! And I think the SQURL album bc I didnt know it was out

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