Good isn’t it. Very nice as a takeaway, you can pretty decent stuff out of a jar, and I guess if you really must be constantly desperate to impress people, then homemade is delicious too. Please feel free to discuss curry accessories in this thread too, such as naan, poppadoms and chips.


Nothing better in life than going for a madras and a garlic naan


It’s a whole spectrum of delicious.

Have never successfully made my own spice mix and have it be nice, can’t go wrong with paste (NOT sauce) from a jar imo

Even more delicious on day 2.


butter chicken all day and all night

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Love it

Really really want to go to India/Pakistan/Iran one day and see how inauthentic the stuff I love is

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probably the tastiest food there is but it’s also too much effort

Just pick up the phone and order it! Or use a nice jar of sauce. It’s fine.

both of those are too much effort for me, I’m not going to speak to a human being to get food

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Even in ready-meal form it’s still pretty good!


Not that arsed with curry, never have been. Too wet. Somali food is kind of curry like in places but i don’t really like that either, even when i was a meat eater. Just wet meat wet veg on rice. Don’t even like rice that much either, even though i grew up eating rice nearly daily. It’s okay, but I genuinely don’t remember a single day when i willingly ordered a curry

Should have added this exact sentiment to the OP really.

can’t really eat take away curry anymore as makes me feel so unwell for quite a while. Think it’s the onions, or ghee or something. Still get it once in a while because it is that delicious.

the best

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have to really admire the audacity and confidence of inventing lime pickle though don’t you


easily one of life’s true joys


I genuinely don’t remember a single day when I didn’t want to order a curry :relieved:


This is going to end up with me going for rice and three innit?


Do you know what I really go hard for? Dal. I love dal!