Curtains, Blinds etc EXTRAVAGANZA.

Hi, hello :wave:

I’ve never bought curtains or blinds before and I just wondered if you guys had and if you had any advice. I’m sorry, I realise this is a very, very dull DULL DULL thread. BUT, here I go…

Hillary’s… any good? Expensive?
I’m attempting to avoid John Lewis only because I fear of the expense but maybe I’m wrong.
Pole or track!? Which do YOU prefer?

Lovely pictures of your blinds and curtains are very much welcomed and encouraged please and thank you :blush:

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Dunelm is the undisputed king of curtains and blinds


One fascinating fact I learned when buying curtains for every room in my house is eyelet are everywhere, but if you want them in pencil pleat style with little hooks they often don’t have them in that style. That’s it. That’s what I learnt.

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Hmm, this is disappointing to hear. I am not sure how I feel about eyelets :expressionless: I meant to include this in the opening thread actually.


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Oh and blackout too. Thoughts?

Don’t like eyelets. Safari is right though they are everywhere.

John Lewis are good in the sale, I have lovely Orla Keily ones :star_struck:

eBay good for bargains

Charity shops also good

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If you have direct sun on a window then yes. We have apparently blackout twisty office type blinds and then normal lined curtains. Don’t work in front room though when the sun.

Oooo, I bought some mega retro curtains from a charity shop years and years ago. I had no use for them at the time and I think they may have been dumped at my Mum’s. May need to revisit them. I fear they’re not very long though :cry:

We currently have those wooden slatted blinds in the bedroom and OMG so much light comes through them. They were here when we moved in and recently with it getting lighter I am suddenly desperate to replace them with big thick curtains :laughing:

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I have William Morris in bedroom and laura Ashley in front room. Want to replace though, fed up with them

Oooh, may I see the patterns? I presume the William Morris one is patterned anyway. Was shying away from pattern but can feel myself being more and more drawn to them the more I rifle :eyes:

i think noise cancelling are the ones for me but are they real or a con?

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We got blinds from Blinds Direct. They are adequate.

The sizing guide on their website was good though, everything fit first time and wasn’t any faff, which was my main concern.

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That’s headphones

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I thought @LilWoodyToodelly wandered into the wrong thread or I had accidentally posted in the wrong thread.

I never realised this was a thing!? I would LOVE noise cancelling curtains. But I don’t believe they exist. HOW DARE YOU GET MY HOPES UP.

Holy moly, they are a thing.

I apologise.

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Apology not accepted

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currently trying to sort curtains for my bedroom. one of those things that should be piss-easy but feels needlessly complex tbh. I’d love to get a blackout blind fitted (especially right now when it gets bright at 5 or whatever) but again, just feels inevitable that the measurements will be off.

John Lewis in the sale
Dunelm generally
Blackout or get out


Yeah, we got a load of blackout blinds from Dunelm and they have been good and were cheap.

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Hang on.

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