Curtains, Blinds etc EXTRAVAGANZA.

Did you ever consider shutters?

I had a really negative experience with John Lewis, like so many a folk nowadays, so I would say AVOID.

I have a large bay window and didn’t trust myself to measure the curve correctly, plus no faith it would hold my girth if I stood on it to get closer to the rails. I paid extra for JL’s professional curtain measuring service and when the curtains arrived they were exactly 1 metre longer than they should have been. The ‘pro’ had clearly written down 263cm instead of 163cm. I then had 6 months of no curtains in the living room whilst I argued the toss with their ‘customer service’ who insisted I was wrong as a professional had measured them. As if I couldn’t tell when a pair of curtains were a metre too long!

Thank you so much for all the curtains blinds chat, it’s been extremely helpful!! I’m looking forward to purchasing blinds from blinds2go. They seem like a GBOB (great bunch of blinds).

Curtains are another matter, what about curtains2go? I’ve also ordered a lot of samples from dunelm!!

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Ooo we bought from blinds2go - they’re fab but we trashed the walls trying to put them in (they’re not complicated, we’re just incompetent). This is in the kids room after they pulled down the curtain rail like the animals they are


Always been anti-pattern but I’ve gone full on 50s log cabin with my living room curtains.

They’re sort of like soft wool but lighter.


Yeah I absolutely love these. The curtains are for our bedroom which is a sort of bluey colour on the walls so I don’t think it’ll go sadly because If not I’d be all over these. Love log cabiny type decor!!

Also every time I see wood panelling in a film or whatever I’m always like OOOOOooo. My dream!!

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There’s some woe to tell, I got samples from Hillary’s before I decided I wouldn’t bother with them due to expensive, the samples arrived and I love ALL of them. They’re just the right colours. I prefer the quality of the samples from blinds2go but I’m finding it hard to find the right colour.

My new flat has blinds instead of blackout curtains and I’ve never naturally woken up before 7 so often in my life :grimacing:

In terms of lifestyle this could be a useful thing but noooooo I love sleep :frowning:

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Yeah I’ve been really struggling recently despite having shitty blinds up in the bedroom for yeeeaaaaars. Now is the time, I’m going full on black out curtains. I’m half tempted in the interim to hammer some bed sheets on the window.

Just finding myself so sensitive to noise and light at the moment. Keep on waking up at 6:30 every morning with pure anxiety. Have bought some earplugs too :heart: hopefully it’ll help a little.

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For the interim bed sheets won’t do the trick. 30 quids will get you proper black out material that comes in a roll and you cut it to the size of your window and it fixes on by velcro / suckers to the window. Available from all evil online sellers.

The extra few hours of the little 'uns asleep during the extended daylight hours has boosted my health no ends.

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Chuffed to hear that I’m not the only one who has kids that find it funny to pull down curtains, curtain rails and all. Repeatedly. And then shit on them. Maybe blinds are the way to go.

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Ok I have to ask

Are curtains good at blocking out noise? If you buy some thick floor to ceiling curtains would that make noise from outside less? Going from no curtains to thick curtains.

Oh looking through the thread I’ve already been thinking about this